Monday, December 13, 2010


Being out of work on a medical leave is really, REALLY, starting to SUCK HARD CORE!!! I hate not being able to do anything, so I decided I was going to help my grandmother out and start putting up the Christmas decorations!! I was so excited! I called my bff and she came over to help me pull the stuff out of the garage and set up. I spent most of the day setting everything up and making it magical! Grams comes home and all she has to say is "wow, how did you manage if your foot hurts"!!! No thank you, I hate it, I love it, suck it...NOTHING!!! BUT, she did tell my bff thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Then to make it worse, the next day I wake up to find that she has moved all of them around. As if to say that what I did wasn't good enough and didn't meet her standards! I'm so upset!!!! She was already mad at David for being a teenager (God forbid), and now she's taking it out on me. This was all on Tuesday. Wed-Sat, she says maybe 5 words to me. So tonight I decide to ask her if she is mad at me. She says no, and of course turns it around to make me out to be the bad guy because I dared to put the decorations up, and how DARE I not color code them! REALLY!!! It's Christmas! LEAVE THEM ALONE. Then she tells me that I didn't even bother to put the boxes away and the back is left a mess. OK...there are plastic containers NEATLY stacked in the back room. THEY ALL HAVE ORNAMENTS IN THEM. I didn't put them back because we still have to get a tree to put them on. Long story short, I am never, I repeat, NEVER doing decorations again. She can put them up her DAMN SELF, the way she wants them. It was so not worth my hurt feelings and tears!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!