Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writing a book??

It has always been my dream to write a book. After my mom died I decided I wanted to right an insperational book for pre teens and teens on grief. I find that way too often kids who lose a parent, friend, or loved one hold in the emotions that they should be letting out. They feel they have to be strong for either the other parent or siblings or friends. OR, they plain just don't think anyone will understand. I've been there. It sucks. And it's true, none of my friends or family understood what I was going through, because I was the only one who had lost a parent. But I have been blessed. I know that losing her was for a purpose, and I know that purpose was to help other kids who are in the same boat. So my question for all of my 3 followers...lol. How should I format it. I thought about asking friends and friends of friends to write letters to there loved ones, and use them as part of the book. What do you think???

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