Sunday, November 14, 2010


Oh boy. Talk about a busy week ahead of me!! My best friend, Carissa is getting married and I'm throwing her a lingerie shower!! It's going to be so much fun. However, I was thinking 15 people!! She gives me to guest list so I can put the invites together (that have to go out no later than Tuesday!!) and there are 40 women on the list!!! OH MAN!! I didn't buy enough invites and they don't sell the ones I bought anymore. So I figured since I have so much free time right now due to NOT WORKING I would hand make them all. A trip to Michael's is just what I need. Card stock, cute stamp of a corset or something honeymoon sexyish, ink, envelopes, small rhinestones, postage, and glue...maybe even some ribbon!! I hope these come out great!! I need to find someone who has a cricket so I can add some writing to the front of the card!! Then I decided that while I'm at Michael's I'm gonna grab me some new knitting needles and pretty yarn to make some new scarves!!!!!!!! That should keep me busy this week!!!

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